November 8th, 2019 - Jun 7th, 2020


ROLE: Researcher, Product Design, Content Creator



Prism is a one of kind product that allows people to have the ability to express and decompress their emotions through the use of art, psychology, and technology. By utilizing speech recognition to control an experience of light and color. Prism aims to create an interactive therapeutic experience that encourages people to be able to understand their feelings through color light and understand how lighting could affect their mood and emotions. 


We began conducting a literary analysis of research through human behavior, color theory, and color psychology, and behavioral and evolutionary psychology. Through coding and analyzing our notes on these subjects, our team emerged an idea of communicating emotions, and associating colors with experiences were human experiences that could be deepened through interaction design. Additionally, we discovered vocalizing emotions and colored lighting had therapeutic values that had yet to be explored through interaction design. We saw this as an opportunity to invent something meaningful for our generation, especially in this fast-paced society people tend to get lost, stressed, frustrated, and depressed without having space where they could express themselves and acknowledge how colors could potentially affect their emotions and expression. 


Through the findings of scholarly articles, artistes, studies of lightings, public feedbacks we acknowledge a pattern within every finding that human beings tend to have a certain attachment with color lightings. Besides that, being able to vocalize is a way for every person to express and distress which is why Prism began its development

Product Design

Understanding our concept could be really personal. Our team began to brainstorm methods that could create a personal experience in which we wanted to create a personal space for people to interact. We began asking ourselves  "what do we feel looking into a mirror" and quickly realize everyone would say it's "themselves" than anything else. Therefore, we acknowledge how personal this feeling is, as everyone looks into a mirror to focus on themselves. 

Moving forward, we started discussing the possible design of our product that could include technology, voice recognition, and colored light which we emphasize the importance of "feeling personal". Therefore, we took the idea of a smart mirror and reinvent it into our model of Prism. 


With the basic understanding of fundamental tools and materials, our product designer quickly sketches a few designs with the materials that were needed for this idea to come true. 


Using materials such as maple wood, nails, wood glue, screws, monitor, acrylic mirror, double-sided 3M tape, junior saw, viviets, and a power drill. Our product designer carefully crafted our final prototype within 2 weeks. 

Trial and errors

Due to the pandemic, our product designer was not able to seek out for professional carpenter for precise cutting. Therefore, using a junior saw and sandpaper was the only way to create the product itself. Besides that, creating a support system for a monitor screen was a curial step which our product designer took precaution into measuring the precise space needed to fit the monitor and the also the component needed to be hidden.

Content Creation

Our team wanted a trailer that shows empathy, emotions, and feelings which we quickly took the concept of dramatic introduction with a deep dark genre to carry into showing the product. Besides that, we also took account in identifying the current struggles with people failing to find a safe space to express themselves or to even acknowledge themselves which we emphasize having this feeling to be included in our trailer. 

With the background of production, editing, and filming, we were able to create a heartfelt trailer to fully express our goal for this product. 


This is Prism, experience feelings with colors.


You can experience the digital prototype at this link



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