Lisa went through a breakup and with that she makes bad decisions. 

A short production created within a team of University of Washington Bothell Student.


Writter: Kellen Diaz

Director: Daniel Goltapeh

Editor: Max Tan 



Videography has always fascinated me as I enjoy watching movies, TV shows, and Youtube content. Since I was 15 years old, I started editing videos here and there just for fun. However, when I started college in The United States, time was all I had as an International student. Besides school, I technically had nothing else to do. Therefore, I started my own Youtube channel as a training ground for me to further improve my skills. Never thought having a Youtube channel would jump-start my interest in making more different content.

Types of content projects

University of Washington

Short production


The Runaway

Importance of clap sound

Learning Logs

Throughout this production class, I learn a lot of fundamental skills when it comes to filming an actual production content. 

For example: 

  • Hand Claps 

  • Speed 

  • Things in frame 

  • Lighting 

  • Microphone 

  • Camera Angles 

  • Illusion 

  • Script Writing

Essential takeaways as an editor:  

  • Hand Claps was one of the most helpful thing when it comes to merging audio in the editor as it creates a spike in the audio mixer which allows me to merge the recorder audio with the camera audio. 

  • The Manipulation of Camera Angles was definitely something I learned. In the video, Lisa looks like she was driving but in actual fact she was in the passenger seat where the trick was to flip the footage into the driver side where audience would think she is actually driving. Due to the danger of driving and acting, our team had to figure out how to make this as real as possible.

  • Learning how to create illusion where it seem like the Lisa is driving really fast. In actual fact, the audio played a huge role and also the lights outside the window. Lighting outside were just the crew running with lights where it make it seem like cars driving by. 

Joining spikes between camera audio & recorder audio

The manipulation of camera angles & the power of editing



University of Washington

Interactive Media Design

Class OF 2018


The Block Project was brought by FacingHomelessness Seattle, where they focus on providing a  small trailer for homeless at any volunteer backyard. During this quarter, my team and I were instructed to do a  community-based learning, and research, where we had to produce a promotional video for them to allow people to understand their purpose, goals, and commitment towards this project as Seattle has one of the highest homeless population.




This game was created in Unity and at end of it, we had to create a trailer to present this game. The idea behind this was to provide it with as much hype as possible. I personally felt that a trailer is a window of opportunity to capture people's attention. Therefore, I carefully selected the BGM to provide this exciting feeling and previewed the most eye catching moments in the game. 


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