April 22nd, 2019 - Jun 7th, 2019


ROLE: Researcher, Content Creator

Facing Homelessness


Facing homeless is a non-profit organization that wants to help the homeless community in Seattle by providing a small block behind homeowners who voluntarily want to have it in their backyard which they called it The Block Project. Their goal in this mission is to help selected homeless individuals who want a chance in life to focus on standing back on their feet by providing them a temporary space. Therefore, they could focus on themselves by not having to stress of not having a home and giving them hopes that their lives could get better.


Facing homelessness was initially a Facebook page that wanted to bring awareness of the homeless situation in Seattle. They begin by interviewing homeless people by understanding their needs which they quickly realize many of them wanted their own home and believe they could start over from there. Not long after, the organization shared their interviews with various communities and many were interested in making this happen for the homeless community.  

Our Mission

Facing homelessness reach out to University of Washington hoping to create a content that could bring more awareness and also attach more investors. They felt like they were struggling to covey this innovative solution for homelessness to homeowners. Therefore, our job was to create a documentary that could help explain their progress and process for their potential investors. 



We began by understanding how the built process works by observing their site where they started to move the block from where they build to homeowner's backyard. After that, we planned to interview each owners of their motive behind supporting this project and why are they willing. 

We came up with questions for our interview as we believe this could be the best way to interpret these information in our video as people would understand the end goal behind Facing homelessness's mission.

Why this apporach? 

As a content creator, I understand the basic fudenmental attraction and attention viewers have when it comes to watching a video. I believe by showing more of the process rather than the interview can actually make people understand better than just listening to things people have to say. 


After filming all the interviews and b roles that we recorded on site. We started working on our storyboard on how we could produce this documentary


We decided the best way to put this documentary, was to emphasize the importance whenever a key phrase is mentioned in our recording from our interview and display the progress that was going on during the move of the block.  



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